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Please support our activities to deliver the Fruits Wallet from the Fruits SDGs Station to children in Tanzania.
Due to poverty and other reasons, it is not possible to provide equal education to children. As a result, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

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Please support Fruits SDGs Station’s efforts to bring fruit wallets to the people of Tanzania.

There is a big problem in Tanzania. That is the lack of organized living infrastructure that connects water supply and other lifelines.

Tanzania has a population of approximately 61.5 million people.

The majority of the population lives without any living infrastructure such as water and electricity.

Because of the lack of water supply, people in rural areas of Tanzania have to walk for more than an hour each way to get water they need for their daily lives, carrying heavy bottles of water to their homes. This is often done by the youngest members of the family.

Some of the children spend more than eight hours a day fetching water and carrying it home.

Because they walk to this distant well and spend a significant portion of their day fetching water, the

This negative spiral is often the result of the children’s inability to learn the skills and studies needed to earn an income through schooling, which forces them to work at simple labor.

However, for the sake of their families, children go to fetch the water they need every day, even if they want to go to school.

Not only do these children spend their day fetching water, but the water they fetch is also unsanitary.

The water that people fetch daily is drawn from wells or from nearby ponds and lakes.

The water is not disinfected, filtered, or sanitized, and people who drink this water may become ill or suffer from diseases, which may affect their health.

Fruits is a charity that aims to solve the problem of unsanitary water in Tanzania, where children spend most of their day fetching water.

Fruits will address this problem of unsanitary water in Tanzania, where children spend most of their day fetching water, by donating water filtration systems and water tankers.

The money raised for the Fruits charity will be donated through the Maria Chikawe Foundation.

Fruits is committed to bringing smiles to as many people’s faces as possible.

Please help us to bring smiles to as many people’s faces as possible.

FRUITS will continue to expand its efforts to directly support children in Tanzania.

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