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From Hand-to-Hand
Fruit Hand Chain

We hope that as many helpless children and their families as possible will be able to smile.

Our goal is to create a reductive economic cycle that distributes rewards from consumption.
This means that the value of every person’s consumption can be used as a mechanism to help those who need help, those who are in need, and those who want to grow.
In order to spread this concept, we have set up the Fruits SDGs Station as a base of operations to expand the reach of support from people around the world.

Fruits SDGs Station with your Donation.

Our Features

Fruits SDGs Station and Key cryptocurrency FRTS 4 Features

  • Features of Crypto Assets

    Function of value storage (asset value & trade value)

  • Function as a payment system in circulation

    Value as a barter substitute for payment

  • A little bit of help

    A little bit of help for children and their families around the world who do not have enough money to afford medical care, education, or a minimum standard of living.

  • New assets for doing good.

    Anyone in the world can receive new assets for doing good.

The SDGs consist of 17 Goals and 169 Targets (specific targets).
These are a comprehensive list of issues that the world is currently facing. 


Through our Fruits Stations around the world, we are helping to solve various problems.
At Fruits SDGs Station, you can use your Fruits coin to make a donation to the local Fruit Station.


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